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Legend of Tarzan (Originaltitel: The Legend of Tarzan) ist ein US-amerikanischer Abenteuerfilm von David Yates, der am 1. Juli in die US-Kinos und am Dez. Stars wie Samuel L. Jackson und Christoph Waltz runden den illustren Cast ab. Hier ist der erste Trailer zu „The Legend of Tarzan“. The Legend in Chiang Rai. Älteres Erstklasshotel mit schönem Garten, direkt am idyllischen Mae Kok Fluss gelegen und doch kann man zu Fuss das.

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When they do, banging their heads against plate glass as movie zombies always do, I started needing something else to think about.

I wouldn't dream of giving away the ending, but it's not likely to satisfy either the action crowd or Matheson fans.

I Am Legend is a grenade that goes off when least expected. It has more horror than heart, but it is never boring. It looks like an edgy suspense movie shot on the fly in New York City after the fall.

And because of that, it's all the more effective. If you ignore its flaws, I am Legend can be enjoyed as the perfect brainless Boxing Day blockbuster - but it is essentially a leftover festive turkey.

It's a better-than-average blockbuster, which sweeps around some large ideas and interesting themes, but never delves for long enough to make this film a true classic.

I Am Legend is three film genres for the price of one: Science Fiction, Action, and Horror, and while it's no classic in any one arena it remains edgy fun.

This is no graphic shoot-'em-up but an intelligent, if sometimes sentimental, exploration of human decency and responsibility that ponders the limits of rationality and faith.

I Am Legend is graphic in the realms of loneliness and isolation and makes a solid film for audiences to enjoy.

Will Smith stars as a military researcher who is seemingly the last person left on Earth trying to find the cure for an engineered retro virus that has decimated the human population and turned many into mindless killing machines.

It seems to me that the reason a lot of people slated this film was solely because it was not a faithful adaptation of the book it takes its name from.

I personally haven't read it and to be honest I don't care if it's faithful or not. A carbon copy adaptation of a book does not necessarily make a good film and vice versa; the two are completely different media.

The fact is that I found this pretty enjoyable. Will Smith is quite convincing as a man suffering the loneliness of total isolation and the scenes in the first hour of the film when the "enemy" is still unseen are very effective.

It's therefore a pity that it descends into the usual CGI infested Hollywood claptrap for the final half hour. It reminded me of 28 Days Later because of the similar scenario and unfortunately it suffers from the same problem; the set up is great but it didn't seem to know where to go from there.

Once the mother and son characters appeared it turned into a dodgy CGI-laden shoot em up and became far less interesting, but it's definitely worth a watch for the earlier scenes.

Some of the plot elements are not properly explained and the ending is a little weak, but not bad as a whole. It was thrilling and captivating to watch the first time around.

Afterwards the flaws became extremely apparent, yet were eclipsed at times by Will Smith's excellent acting and infusion of humor despite the film's dark themes.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Robert Neville Alice Braga Marley Neville Darrell Foster Mike - Military Escort April Grace TV Personality Dash Mihok Alpha Male Joanna Numata Sam as Abbey Kona Male Evacuee Marin Ireland Woman Evacuee Pedro Mojica Edit Storyline Robert Neville is a scientist who was unable to stop the spread of the terrible virus that was incurable and man-made.

Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know? Trivia Most of the movie has no underlying score. The score was used minimally to highlight Neville's solitude.

Goofs If you look out of the car window on the driver's side at roughly the 3: Neville continues driving down the road and away from the parked cars, but at around the 4: Quotes [ first lines ] TV Personality: The world of medicine has seen its share of miracle cures, from the polio vaccine to heart transplants.

But all past achievements may pale in comparison to the work of Dr. Thank you so much for joining us this morning. Krippin, give it to me in a nutshell.

Well, the premise is quite simple - um, take something designed by nature and reprogram it to make it work for the body rather than against it.

You're talking about a virus? Crazy Credits The title doesn't appear on screen until several minutes into the film. Alternate Versions The alternate theatrical version contains several new scenes: After Neville captures the Alpha Female, he notices that she has a butterfly tattoo on the back of her shoulder.

After Neville thanks Anna for stitching his leg wound, they go out to where Neville was trapped the previous day. Neville recognizes the equipment as his own, but can't fathom what they're doing there.

Anna asks him if the Dark Seekers could've made the trap, but Neville is adamant that they can't think or feel. Anna still brings up the point that Neville could be wrong and the Dark Seekers made the trap for him.

Neville and Anna sit together and watch Ethan fall into the water where the fish are. Ethan playfully splashes around, and Neville throws some food into the water.

The fishes move frantically to get the food while Ethan floats in the middle of them. He remarks that it's cold, which makes Neville realize that he needs to lower the temperature of the Dark Seekers in order for the cure to work.

He tells Anna and Ethan that they have to go. When we meet him he's been living at his present place for 5 months. Trying to survive, and wondering what caused eve Los Angeles, about 22 years into the future Jan.

The views of the time when the book was published show in the writing: But at no point was I irritated by this old-fashioned edge, which stayed just barely from feeling a bit sexist.

I don't think Matheson searched for what the meaning of the names were for this story, but I did think that naming view spoiler [his main character Robert was a very good coincidence - it means "of shining fame" Germanic.

The name already shows what he is to the human-like vampires for the feral type he's just blood-source really. And the way it ends is both view spoiler [frightening and tragic: But in the end, one can sort of see that there might be a more hopeful, human-like future that Robert will not see View all 7 comments.

Richard Matheson may be the most underrated genre writer ever. Terror Stories , What Dreams May Come - just to name a few, you realize how unique and diverse his talent was.

This novel, I Am Legend, a perfect little bricolage of apocalyptic, dystopian, sci-fi, horror, vampire, zombie, is probably his best known work, although I'm partial to Somewhere in Time Bid Time Return being such a romantic sentimentalist Richard Matheson may be the most underrated genre writer ever.

This novel, I Am Legend, a perfect little bricolage of apocalyptic, dystopian, sci-fi, horror, vampire, zombie, is probably his best known work, although I'm partial to Somewhere in Time Bid Time Return being such a romantic sentimentalist.

I haven't seen the movie which I understand is nothing like the book, which is too bad because I think the story is worthy of a good film.

Aug 15, Carol. SciFi and Fantasy Book Club monthly read. There are some excellent reviews out there. I know I was complaining about sqeeing and gifs recently, but I can't help but think a classic book like this could use a little modern reviewing.

I'm a little mixed in my reading reactions to a novella that feels more like a self-conscious allegorical tale than truly innovative storytelling.

The short, choppy prose suited the narrator, but gave a more limited ambiance to the setting. Given the protagonist Neville's relatively easy ability in m There are some excellent reviews out there.

Given the protagonist Neville's relatively easy ability in moving around the world seems to take a little siphoned gas and he's go to go , I felt like it was an incomplete story that left me with many questions about the world.

I do appreciate the sophisticated way Neville's personal history is blended in to the current experience, an impressive contrast to many writers who feel the need for long expository paragraphs, but I would have liked more.

The limited description leaves something lacking, perhaps the extent of the devastation. Is it enough that Neville feels isolated? Do we need the steps of how he got there?

What does 'humanity' mean if you are the only human? Why try to survive? I'm not sure, and as Neville poses these questions, I found myself wondering what he had done to find other survivors, the timeline of catastrophe, the extent of the world breakdown.

The spare depiction make me feel like it was more of a metaphorical tale, a study in the psychology of the individual and his coping with isolation and meaning without context of society.

In this respect, the movie was more able to give the visual sense of complete loneliness and the frustration of working for a potentially futile goal.

It was also hard to have sympathy for Neville. Truly an Everyman, he drowned his emotion in alcohol as often as he attempted to control circumstance.

I didn't admire or respect him; he was dogged but not creative or thoughtful. The lapses into existential questioning only reinforced the emotional distance.

The ending was a surprise; perhaps more likeable than that of the movie, but also more self-conscious and created.

There wasn't much build to the ending; there was very little sense of the "types" of vampires through the story--I had more of a sense of Neville's drinking preferences than the vampires.

Still, it is a classic, so I'm glad I took the time to read it, but it feels a little too much like reading The Metamorphosis for my taste.

Cross posted at http: Wells por la naturaleza del apocalipsis que en este caso proviene de Marte. View all 6 comments.

This is another one of those times when there are people who if they could would give this book far more than the allowed 5 while if I were rating it on "enjoyment alone" I'd be looking to give it negative stars.

I realize this is one of the "classics" of science fiction or science fantasy and I don't care. I read it years ago and while I find the writing in places rates my recognition of it's quality I don't care for the book.

Like some of Matheson's other works there are some questions that This is another one of those times when there are people who if they could would give this book far more than the allowed 5 while if I were rating it on "enjoyment alone" I'd be looking to give it negative stars.

Like some of Matheson's other works there are some questions that to me are so glaring as to be blinding while the story simply goes along it's merry way doing it's best to ignore them view spoiler [ The protagonist came down with a weakened form of the "vampire microbe", his immune system beat it, and he's immune.

He is of course apparently the only one in the entire world to whom this happened. I just am really "underwhelmed" by this book, especially considering the "buzz" it always seems to get.

If you enjoy it, I'm happy for you, it is however not one I like. I think 2 stars are generous. View all 35 comments. Yet again, I've been breaking the rules.

This time, it wasn't on purpose! But I went into reading I Am Legend knowing the ending, knowing the twist. Years ago, you see, my husband had wanted to talk about the book, probably when the most recent adaptation to movie form had come out, and I am well known for not reading horror, so it wasn't an unreasonable assumption that I would never read this.

So, wrong, in the long run, but it made reading this for the first time a very different experience tha Yet again, I've been breaking the rules.

So, wrong, in the long run, but it made reading this for the first time a very different experience than it would be for someone who was going into it cold.

The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here.

In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook View all 4 comments. Let me being this review by saying that I never saw any of the movie adaptations of this book.

I turned the first page of "I Am Legend" with zero knowledge of what Hollywood did to it because a friend of mine gave me an important warning. The story is Robert Neville's, the last man on Earth after a strange plague has turned every other human being into a vampire.

He lives in a carefully barricaded house, stuffed wi Let me being this review by saying that I never saw any of the movie adaptations of this book.

He lives in a carefully barricaded house, stuffed with canned and frozen food, books and records, as well as a hothouse full of garlic.

He spends his days in the same monotonous way: When he's not doing that, he's using up all his stakes to kill the sleeping vampires in their dens.

His nights are spend listening to the vampires crawling around his house, fighting among each other and trying to lure him out.

He's kind of on the edge of going insane when the book begins: He manages to hang on to sanity when he decides to approach the vampire situation from a scientific point of view: This goal carries him forward, until the day he finds himself face to face with someone else who can walk in the day time.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the prose: Matheson is succinct, but also very elegant, and he does built dramatic ramp ups of tension when you least expect it.

He also conveys Neville's emotions very well: I won't spoil anything, but there's an obvious lesson in this book: But more than the simple morals message, the thing that really stuck with me was the atmosphere of decay, paranoia and white-knuckle resistance to madness.

It would be so easy for Neville to give up: But he resists, he holes up, he fights back. The so-called twist can have more than one meaning: I also loved the way this book is a very self-aware vampire story.

Neville gets to wondering what the deal is with the stakes and the garlic, and can't find any rational reason for their effectiveness.

This little wink to the absurdity of the legends was a really nice touch of dark humor in what could have otherwise been a way too serious and depressing book.

If you like vampire stories, this is a classic that you shouldn't miss! A quick, but riveting read with a great ending. I still haven't watched any of the movies, and frankly, I don't intend to.

Following the outbreak of an incurable plague that has mutated every other human on earth into bloodthirsty, nocturnal creatures, Robert Neville must scavenge for food and supplies during the day, whilst hiding in his boarded-up, vampire-proof home at night.

Living a solitary life for so long is not easy, and so he is constantly on the look-out for fellow survivors This was a bu "The strength of the vampire is that no one will believe in him.

This was a buddy-read with my bestest friend, Abbie. We chose this because she is literally a speed-demon and if we had chose a long book, I would be lagging behind for too long!

Turns out, I did lag behind anyway because even though we both finished I Am Legend pretty close to each other, my edition also had a selection of short stories written by Richard Matheson.

So I'm only now "finishing" the entire book. I had watched the movie I Am Legend a number of years ago. All I can remember about it is Will Smith and a dog Although what I've found really weird about my reading experience is that I did not cast Will Smith as the role of Richard Neville in my head - Abbie said she did.

I really liked this book, which was surprising to me given that its basically focused on one character. Usually I would find the lack of dialogue and conversation quite boring - although we did get some flashbacks to before the plague, which I particularly enjoyed, with some scenes being quite chilling.

Similar to what Abbie said, the constant drinking and throwing whiskey around and smashing glasses did start to grate on me after a while.

I understand his alcoholism - I'm pretty certain I might succumb to addiction myself if I was the lone survivor of some plague, but it just gets repetitive after a while.

What was disturbing to me was his weird fascination with the female "vampires" - DUDE. What the fuck is wrong with you!! Okay, so I feel like the last paragraph had a lot of complaining, so I'll talk about what I loved.

I was geeking out over Richard's thoughts about what possibly caused the plague. He was basically conducting his own research and it was like reading my day-to-day experiences in the lab - disappointment after disappointment.

A theory that seems so promising quickly dispelled. Microbiology and bacteria are my forte, so his research around this area had me nodding along in agreement.

So that was awesome. The "vampires" themselves were pretty damn scary. I got confused at times because I was like "Are they vampires or zombies?

Or a mixture of both? As for the ending I was blown away. One of the best endings I've ever read in a book. It felt completely out of left-field and left me a bit gobsmacked.

I Am Legend was a great, quick read and I have to give it 5 stars out of 5. Matheson's writing is simply outstanding and I want to read more.

With regards to the short stories, some were great and some were not so great. Prey was a brilliant short story, it reminded me of Battleground by Stephen King.

Dance of the Dead was also pretty eerie. I didn't really include the short stories when giving my rating for this book, as I simply wanted to rate I Am Legend as a standalone book.

More Richard Matheson is definitely on my radar. Now for another buddy read with Sadie, Mindi and Ashley from bookstagram - can't wait! One guy against a world filled with vampires.

I went into this book with an expectation of action. When the story had action scenes, they were done very well, and there is a wonderfully suspenseful and thrilling chase scene in the first half of the book.

However, action, suspense and thrills were absent for most of the rest of the book. There is sad reminiscing of his past life.

There is a long drawn out sequence of attempting to befriend a stray dog. There is lots of time spent getting drunk, list One guy against a world filled with vampires.

There is lots of time spent getting drunk, listening to classical music while complaining about the vampires. The vampires mostly lack charisma, being more dumb brutes, than anything else view spoiler [ until late in the novel.

There is not enough here for me to rate it higher. Not a disaster, has a neat twist at the end, has some good sequences - but, I found it a bit of a snooze fest.

Quickly he pushed a metal wagon up and down the silent, dust-thick aisles, the heavy smell of decay setting his teeth on edge, making him breathe through his mouth.

I have not seen the film yet but the title is very apt, if a little on the nose, perhaps. The above quote is an example of the feeling of loneliness that pervades throughout the narrative.

The vampires are created by view spoiler [a bacterial infection hide spoiler ]. For most of the book, there is no dialogue to speak of, we just follow Neville around, dispatching vampires in the daytime, doing research, locking himself in and getting blotto after sundown, feeling miserable all the time.

Is there a point to such an existence? Neville asks himself that from time to time and there is no obvious answer, he is simply not to suicidal type.

I Am Legend is a classic of several genres, sci-fi, horror, vampires, and post-apocalypse. I love the scientific rationalization of the classic vampire lore, the need for blood, the aversion to garlic and the cross, the stake through the heart etc.

The overtly supernatural lore like transformation into bats and the lack of reflection are dismissed as superstition.

In a world full of vampires with only one human being who is the monster really? The narrative is well paced, without a dull moment, but it is by no means an action-packed thriller.

Neville is something of an antihero, some of his actions and behavior are quite questionable and even downright reprehensible but the circumstances do make him quite a tragic and sympathetic figure.

There are some dramatic plot developments which I certainly will not elaborate on, and an ending which leaves you thinking about the morality of the tale.

I Am Legend is, of course, highly recommended. Talking about the various film adaptations: Four are listed at Wikipedia: It does star Vincent Price, and the Price is always right!

In both the Omega Man and the Will Smith movies the vampires are replaced entirely. The movie replaced them with light-sensitive goth weirdo hipsters, while the movie replaced them with big eared monsters.

At least the Heston movie is a hoot. One of them Neville found inside a display freezer. When he saw the man lying there in this enamel coffin, he had to laugh; it seemed such a funny place to hide.

Later, he thought of what a humorless world it was when he could find amusement in such a thing. He had forty-seven stakes.

He was his own ethic. Aug 21, Vanessa J. I enjoy being alone. There's some kind of peace in loneliness.

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